PETIT KOLIBRI was founded from an unconditional love for authentic, organic and natural products. One of our principal goals is to provide fair and ethical clothes and accessories for children, being conscious of the production and handling process from the beginning.  We believe every consumer decision we make has an impact on nature and society.

This time in our blog we would like to talk about the big role that knitters from the women collective plays in PETIT KOLIBRI. Without them, we wouldn't be able to produce such fine and beautiful products. 


Transparency is everything for us

Petit Kolibri was born to bring high-quality design products with organic materials and excellent craftsmanship without destroying the environment and making a contribution in every step. In order to maintain our goals based on social and environmental responsibility, transparency appears as a principal factor. The transparency with our suppliers it’s fundamental for us and we consider this one of our biggest strengths.

We manage a direct and fair trade with the wool supplier and the knitters. Without third parties in the middle, we try to have a really transparent supply chain. Our suppliers are also small and independent companies like ours that try to make a real change in the world by having

Women empowerment

All our handmade products like our minimalist baby hats and baby blankets are made in Peru, to be more specific in Santa Rosa in Huaura province. We think that through the beautiful art of knitting is possible to create women empowerment. This empowerment not only leads to the development of the women communities but also gives them strength and faith that sometimes because of difficult circumstances have been lost. 


With well-paid wages, good working conditions, fair work contracts and empowerment workshops we assure the fair trade conditions and the women empowerment support.  We think that is an obligation for every business, even small businesses like ours, to create reliable and honest relationships with the suppliers that benefit both the business and the manufacturers. For us is fundamental not only to create good and high-quality products but also to promote social impact. While we, through the knitting and the work, help to empower these women, they help us to improve our products with their wisdom and practice.

Thank you to all these women that help us to create the most beautiful products! And thank you to be part of this beautiful family!

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Daniela Holguin