Salad jar to make with your petit

Sometimes it is difficult for our kids to eat vegetables. Making them in control of the ingredients and presenting it in a fun way for them to eat is the best method to close the gap between our children and those, sometimes “horrible”, vegetables. With the salad in jar you can make your kids completely under control of what they want, this activity also reinforces the kid’s autonomy.

To the grocery shop!

Try to go to buy the ingredients with your kid, in this way he or she gets involved with the whole process and will appreciate more the final result. They can choose whatever they want as long as they pick at least 4 veggies. Don’t forget the protein (ham, chickpeas or beans), the dressing and something crunchy (croutons or crackers) to make it more interesting. You can also add fruits to make it no so boring. The dressing could be strawberry dressing that is sweeter than other dressings. Don’t forget the mason jar.

To the kitchen!

  1. Show your kids how to cut the ingredients. For softer foods like the avocados, ham, strawberries they can use a butter knife. They can also use scissors to cut the ham, it is easier and funnier.
  2. Put all the ingredients on one large platter so it will be easier for the kids to layer.
  3. Start with the dressing, in this way the other ingredients don’t get too soggy. Ask your child to start layering as he or she wants. The special thing about this recipe is that the child is the chef and he or she can take the decisions they want.
  4. The salad is ready and now comes the fun part! Ask your child to shake up the jar until all the ingredients are mixed. You can also refrigerate the jar to eat the salad later.
  5. After shaking the jar, dump the salad into a plate.

And there you go, kid-friendly salad in a jar. The best option to show your kids that veggies are no that boring and that they can also taste good.

Try it with your petit and share with us your experience!

Daniela Holguin