PETIT KOLIBRI at Playtime Berlin

This year, like the last one, Petit Kolibri presented the 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection exclusively at one of the most recent addition to the Playtime shows: Playtime Berlin. We had a wonderful time where we met amazing brands and people. It reminded us once again that work and pleasure go hand in hand.

Shoes, clothes, accessories, toys and more where presented together in 120 collections. The organic and sustainable trends played an important role at the fair and we would like to share with you our recommended brands.

1.    Withwhite:

Can you imagine giving to your child the best present he or she could ever have? Well, Withwhite has it for you. My Book is a baby journal where you can capture your baby's first memorable moments. My Books pages are ready to be filled out with pictures, notes, and drawings that will contain important milestones, events and moments that your baby experiences with the pass of the time. The book is in German, English, Norwegian, and Danish. 

You can find them at


2.    Jolee Môme:

Jolee Mome is an organic leather slippers brand. What we found most interesting about these slippers is that their production doesn’t involve chemical agents that are harmful to young children. It is not easy to find a brand that offers you real organic leather slippers with a nice design and good quality. The soft fur and supple skin of the slippers perfectly support the feet of your baby and won´t leave marks, keeping him/her comfy.

You can find them at


3.    Donsje:

When you think about buying something for your baby you think that it has to be safe, chic, with good quality and friendly with the society, and the environment. With Donsje you can find all these special features.  Each product from Donsje is handmade from premium leather that takes care of the skin of your baby. Its special design ensures that baby and toddler's feet are well-protected and can move freely preparing them for the first steps. The products are not only handmade but fair trade, the brand set up their own factory in Indonesia with local artisans that create the products by hand. 

You can find them at


4.    LIEWOOD:

Your baby in on his/her way and you don't know where to find all that he or she needs? Liewood is the perfect store where you can find nursery, blankets, decoration for your baby's room, bamboo tableware and more. What we liked about the most was the incredible designs used in each product. It is amazing how Liewood makes each item unique, useful and chic at the same time. Their organic textile products are made in India at a GOTS (global organic textile Standard) under controlled, safe and fair conditions without negative effects on either employment or environment. 

Find them at


5.    MORI:

The uncomplicated style and neutral color palette from MORI, make this brand unique and special. MORI  takes care of your baby through functionality, quality, and design. It also focuses on a sustainable production using organic cotton and bamboo on their products. Both raw materials are the ideal fabric for a baby´s sensitive skin. Without using harmful chemicals, MORI is not only safe for your baby, but also promotes clean air, water, and soil. 

Find them at


6.    Camcam:

If you are looking for new air at home, Camcam is the best option to buy what you are looking for. The brand offers you different kinds of furniture for the parents and the children, amazing wallpapers, decorations, and lamps that can give your house a new touch. What we like about Camcam products is that the quality and the timeless and tactile design are principal in their creation. With its GOTS certification, Camcam takes care of the skin of your baby and at the same time takes care of the environment, that is also crucial for our children and their future.


7.    Plan Toys:

These toys are made in Thailand from old rubber plantations that apparently have finished their lifecycle. The recycled rubber that was before discarded, is now used by Plan Toys for toy and energy production. The revolutionary process makes the Planwood completely dyed, waterproof and safe for your children. We loved the toys design and the safety, but what we liked the most was the incredible world that Play Toys can offer to your children: dolls houses, makeup, cars, instruments, activity blocks, and tools are some of these awesome toys.


In Europe you can find  them through T&K ScandicToys



8.    Playon Crayon:

Have you ever been worried about choking hazard? It is usual to hear stories where toddlers eat crayons trying to experiment the world. With Playon Crayon you don't have to worry anymore about it.  The size, their strong construction, and the special design prevent breakage and minimize the risk of choking. The coolest part is that your little one can play as well with this crayons, therefore you have a new toy when they don`t want to color anymore. 

Daniela Holguin